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Title: Who Is This With Joy Approaching

Date: 20/03/1983 (Other)

Speaker: Congregation

Bible Reference: Hymn Singing

Who is this, with joy approaching
Happy men who see His face?
‘Tis the Saviour, healing, speaking,
Full of truth and full of grace.
Son of David,
Grant me sight, and Thine embrace.

Who is this, with men acclaiming,
Born the Son of David’s line,
Hallelujahs, palm leaves waving?
‘Tis the Christ, the Son Divine.
Loud hosannas!
Come, O Lord, for Thee we pine.

Who is this, on cross so lonely,
Hanging there for men to see?
‘Tis the Lord of all the glory,
Bearing penalty for me.
O forgive me!
Plead my cause eternally.

Who is this, in glory standing,
Victor over death and shame,
Risen glorious, ever pleading?
‘Tis a sweet and wondrous Name!
Blessèd Jesus!
Praise the Lord who took my blame!

William Vernon Higham, 1926-

Tune: Bryn Calfaria