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Title: Outstretch Thy Wings, O Holy Dove

Date: 20/03/1983 (Other)

Speaker: Congregation

Bible Reference: Hymn Singing

Outstretch Thy wings, O holy Dove,
And show Thy generous span
Of love and mercy from above,
To heal the wounds of man.

The wounds of sin, without, within,
From Fall and Satanís wile,
Bring separation, fruit of sin,
And hide my Saviourís smile.

The cry of God now rends the air,
ĎWhere art thou, child of Mine?í
In nakedness and soulís despair
Man hid Ė O, sad decline!

The Serpentís sting both hard and sore
Had wounded all mankind:
Then came the Saviour to restore,
With cords of love to bind.

O blessŤd flight of pure delight
Is Thine, blest Spirit pure,
For Thou dost bring my soul a sight
Of grace that will endure.

I see the blood my Saviour shed
For sinís hard penalty;
Iíll not forget how mercy sped,
And set my spirit free.

Faith and repentance, gifts of grace,
Are granted to my heart;
As I now long for Thine embrace,
Such love Thou dost impart.

For now I find my soul with joy
In folds of mercy sweet;
For there is no one can destroy
Communion at Godís feet.

William Vernon Higham, 1926-

Tune: Ballerma