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Title: I Gaze At The Wonder Of Love

Date: 20/03/1983 (Other)

Speaker: Congregation

Bible Reference: Hymn Singing

I gaze at the wonder of love
My God has unfolded to me;
A love that will plan from above,
A guide that will lead me to Thee.

The grace of Thy covenant care,
Entrances my soul with delight;
For Thou art the God who dost share
Thy riches of grace in my sight.

The things that would bring me dismay,
I lay in Thy wonderful hands;
That maketh all things in Thy way
To serve and obey Thy demands.

The sorrows of guilt and of sin
Forever are taken away.
Thy grace is my comfort within;
Thy word is my strength in that day.

Secure in Thy love I remain,
For no separation can be;
My Saviour forever will reign
The victor of blest Calvary.

William Vernon Higham, 1926-

Tune: Trewen