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Title: Create In Us, O Lord

Date: 20/03/1983 (Other)

Speaker: Congregation

Bible Reference: Hymn Singing

Create in us, O Lord,
A holy fire;
Thy word a flaming sword
Our hearts inspire.
Thy glories to declare,
Thy grace beyond compare,
Thy love with Thee to share,
We now aspire.

Descend, O Holy Dove,
With words of peace,
With blaze of truth and love
On earth increase.
O stir our souls today
To seek Thy wondrous way;
For Thou hast come to stay:
Then grace release.

Repeat Thy word of joy
To us on earth,
And make Thy church employ
Its saving worth.
O grant a refuge sweet,
A place for us to meet,
Thy holy presence greet:
To hope give birth.

William Vernon Higham 1926-

Tune: Builth