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Title: O Son of Man, O Son of God

Date: 05/04/1985 (Other)

Speaker: Congregation

Bible Reference: Hymn Singing

O Son of Man, O Son of God,
Eternal grace Thy painful path had planned,
A heavy cross and agony of shame
The way ordained.

O death of Christ, O blood divine,
O perfect life He lived, all for my gain,
Fulfilling all the laws demands, and more,
He did attain.

O bitter cup, O costly task,
To meet the wrath of Gods own holiness!
The Saviour stood, and in my stead He died,
My soul to bless.

O love of God, O wondrous grace,
That such an angry death of anguish sore
Should pay my penalty and make me whole
O boundless store!

O wondrous flood of grace and love,
Both mingled in the blood as He implored:
Can this be so, all this for me, my Lord?
Thou art adored.

Peace through the blood of Christ alone,
Peace with my God and peace within my soul,
Peace in that day when He will come at last,
My All in all.

William Vernon Higham, 1926-

Tune: All Hallows